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Anonymous sent: Have you ever cut yourself? No probably not. So don't go saying its fucking stupid and shit like that because you honestly think you know everything there is to know about why people do it but you don't. You think you're making it better by saying all that but your not. So please stop.

Have I ever cut myself?? Hmm…good question..good question my dear lovely anon<333 The answer to your question is YES I DID! Let me repeat again- YES.I.DID! You want me to take a pic of my stupid ugly scar on my wrist as a fucking prove??? You know what… I’m not proud of it…I never really tell anyone about this..and I hate talking about it. I really ashamed of myself because of it. Everything I’ve said…you know it’s true,right? No,I’m not gonna argue with you tho..just think about it,okay.. :)